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BJ Thomas - Effingham Performance Center - Effingham, IL

A true American institution whose iconic pop, country and gospel hits defined their respective generations and now transcend them, B.J. Thomas has found a unique way to celebrate an incredible half a century in music and some 47 years since his first gold selling hit.

BJ Thomas’ signature hits include “Raindrops,” “Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song” and “Lonesome.” He extended his success into late 70s-early 80s foray into gospel music, which earned him the first four platinum albums in the genre’s history: Home Where I Belong, Happy Man, You Gave Me Love and Amazing Grace. Four of the singer’s Grammy Awards were earned from his work in gospel, in the category of “Best Gospel Other: Incl. Sacred, Religious or Inspirational Recording, Musical or Non-Musical.”

BJ Thomas
Fri., Feb 12 at 7:00 p.m.

  • Top Tier $45
  • Level A   $35
  • Level B   $30