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Three Chicks & A Stage: A Candle In The Window - Effingham Performance Center - Effingham, IL

A small group of weary travelers discover the power of the season while trapped in a lonely train station on Christmas Eve. As a blizzard rages outside, the troubled people are forced to turn to each other for companionship. When the clock strikes midnight, there is a knock on the station door and seven youngsters appear. They’ve seen the station lights from the nearby church. They offer to perform their play for the travelers and afterward, speak to the travelers individually giving advice which is seemingly wise beyond their years. The next morning, as a new younger stationmaster lights a Christmas candle, we realize the mysterious stop in the travelers’ journey was more than accidental and has given them a renewed spirit and resolve.

Three Chicks & a Stage
Fri., Dec 6 at 2:00 p.m.

  • Top Tier $20
  • Level A   $20
  • Level B   $20
  • 12 & under: $10